Candidate Descriptions

Investment Analyst

We are looking for hard-working candidates with genuine enthusiasm for solving complex problems to join us as Investment Analysts.  ATX focuses primarily on the energy markets, where taking investment positions has a significant impact on real-world outcomes.  Our investment process involves managing massive amounts of information to come to targeted conclusions about our markets.  Analysts can expect intellectual challenges that derive from poorly understood dynamics in our target markets, and will be critical in scaling the firm’s understanding of how these markets “really work.”  A successful analyst will begin by refining existing investment strategies and will grow to develop new strategies.

Candidates should be:

  • Highly quantitative

  • Have a strong academic record

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • Be team-players 


Unlike larger banks and commodity trading shops, we operate in smaller groups with much less specialized roles.  In addition to above-market compensation, our greatest advantage is that we offer dramatically higher rates-of-learning than are found in more traditional or specialized investment roles, as analysts will be given a high level of responsibility and freedom.  Applicants who are comfortable with numbers, rigorous analysis and who want to learn how the markets work -- regardless of specific major (sciences, engineering, humanities, or economics) -- will thrive in our information-rich environment.

Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for an outstanding person to join a small and highly selective team, who wants to be given a high level of responsibility and freedom. This multifaceted role is half full-stack engineer, half cloud-architect, half database-guru, half data-miner, half front-end developer, get the idea.


A little more about us:

  • we build all our own proprietary tools

  • we love playing with vast amounts of data, and are able to turn large data sets into actionable trading decisions

  • we like to try to explain how things work both fundamentally and quantitatively

  • we understand how to model the energy markets at an unrivaled level of depth

  • we move incredibly fast with no bureaucracy and a high level of ownership

  • we work in a collaborative, casual environment, yet also expect high throughput from each member of our team

You should

  • enjoy doing something new and slightly different almost every day... if we find we have to do the same thing over and over again, we try to automate it

  • be interested in developing and maintaining complex mission-critical software systems

  • be relatively independent and self-motivated

  • find a high level of satisfaction when you are able to solve challenging problems, because we have lots of them

  • know that our extensive on-the-job training and mentoring will prepare you, regardless of your background, to be a rockstar with us


Example projects:

  • Design a custom autoscaling daemon to intelligently match AWS EC2 computing capacity to a queue of heterogenous jobs.

  • Explore Python Luigi as a batch job dependency manager. Convince our team that it solves an important problem, then integrate it without breaking our current code.

  • Examine new dataset posted by a vendor, then design a MySQL database schema (within our standards) to store it. Explain how to use this new dataset to our analysts.

  • Develop an Angular web app for visualizing energy market data. Then, teach the basics of Angular through a firmwide presentation.

  • Adapt current PHP codebase to changing vendor APIs without disrupting the flow of data into our systems.

  • Evaluate whether pursuing containerization using Docker is worthwhile, keeping in mind how it would fit into existing systems.

  • Leverage PhantomJS to navigate through a JavaScript-enabled website to scrape, clean, and import data.

  • Monitor data pipelines for integrity, and when they fail, diagnose and repair. Socialize how we can prevent similar bugs in the future.