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Candidate Descriptions

Seek Intellectual Challenge

We are looking for hard-working candidates with genuine enthusiasm for solving complex problems to join our team.  ATX focuses primarily on the energy markets, where taking investment positions has a significant impact on real-world outcomes.  Our investment process involves managing massive amounts of information to come to targeted conclusions about our markets.  Analysts can expect intellectual challenges that derive from poorly understood dynamics in our target markets, and will be critical in scaling the firm’s understanding of how these markets “really work.”  A successful analyst will begin by refining existing investment strategies and will grow to develop new strategies.


Drive Forward Projects

To succeed at Alphataraxia, you should be independent, self-motivated, and excited to explore a range of projects and approaches. Alphataraxia operates with little bureaucracy, and therefore we expect our employees to be capable of pushing projects forward autonomously. By design, we are a small and highly selective team. We are recruiting an outstanding person who wants to be given a high level of responsibility and freedom. That responsibility will expand over time: your role will be shaped by your strengths and interests, be that software design, DevOps, database administration, etc.

The ATX Advantage

Unlike larger banks and commodity trading shops, we operate in smaller groups with much less specialized roles.  In addition to above-market compensation, our greatest advantage is that we offer dramatically higher rates-of-learning than are found in more traditional or specialized investment roles, as analysts will be given a high level of responsibility and freedom.  Applicants who are comfortable with numbers, rigorous analysis and who want to learn how the markets work -- regardless of specific major (sciences, engineering, humanities, or economics) -- will thrive in our information-rich environment.

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