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Our greatest strength is our people. 

Alphataraxia offers an unparalleled work environment because new hires are empowered with responsibility from day one.  We invest heavily in their training and development and there is no better place to learn and grow.  Day-to-day activities involve significant quantitative analysis, and thus require ongoing use of programming languages, database systems, and statistics packages.  No prior background in finance or programming is required, though a strong desire to learn new techniques is a must.  Our people have been successful with a wide variety of backgrounds (including the sciences, finance, engineering and the humanities), but are united by their shared excellence in quantitative and analytical methods. 

Undergraduates who are looking to prepare for a future in investment management with us should consider getting some exposure to quantitative classes such as Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Science, or any number of other applied or advanced analytical courses.  These classes can both demonstrate the candidate’s interests to us, as well as whet their appetite for the type of work we do.  Alternatively, check out a hackathon.  Do some big-data analysis.  Join an open source project.  Trade your own account.  Excel in other analytical pursuits.  We’ll look forward to hearing all about it during the interview. 

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