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Working at Alphataraxia

Team First

At Alphataraxia, we take our work seriously - and we know that part of having an effective collaborative environment comes from knowing and trusting your colleagues. A range of company events, including firm-wide summits, happy hours, trivia and game nights, escape the room outings, barbecues, and team lunches help develop close bonds.

Working Environment


While the West and East coast offices each have their unique styles, Alphataraxia as a whole promotes an intellectually curious, collaborative working environment where an open door office and group lunches are the norm. “Online” working hours are commonly followed by the whole firm to facilitate cross-office projects. Everyone is highly encouraged to reach out for help, questions or guidance whenever needed, as every member of the team is highly responsive and willing to help. Non-manager offices are usually shared with one other team member with plenty of meeting rooms available for presentations and group work.

Training Program

Alphataraxia invests heavily in all employees through our extensive on-the-job training and mentoring. While all new analysts arrive with strong quantitative backgrounds and great communication skills, specific knowledge will be accumulated on-the-job, preparing each team member to be successful at our firm. The first two weeks are designated entirely to technical training and industry context. This includes topics such as programming, data science, energy markets, and system architecture. The learning curve will remain steep for the first year as each analyst works on a variety of projects with more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues. 

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