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On Campus Recruiting

This year Alphataraxia will be recruiting exclusively on campus at select universities.   We do not accept applications outside of the listed schools.   We will only be seeking to fill full time positions.

If you are a student at one of the schools we visit and having difficulties with your school's career site, you may email us. Please use your school email address. 


We value our unique company culture, and are a top player in the power market space.

Team focus and principled profits matter. How we generate returns matters. We drive toward understanding. Profit from understanding means more certainty around return and better control of risk exposures. Our five team values are infused in all aspects of our operations: 

  • Team First: Working effectively as a team is foundational. That means collaborating and creating a collegial environment, cultivating others on the team to be more capable, balancing work and life so we’re all at our best. We prioritize finding the best team members who want to share in our collective success. 

  • First Team: Our collective ambition is to be the best in the markets and in all that we do. That means we pay attention to results, share in our successes, and benefit from making this place the best we can possibly make it. 

  • Upping Our Game: We have an ongoing commitment to finding a better way and never being satisfied with the status quo. We commit to making our processes smarter, faster, and better. Every team member contributes prototypes, tools, processes, and knowledge to ultimately give Alphataraxia unique market insight. 

  • We Understand the Why: We understand deeply and in detail how data works and what it means for the kind of solution we can arrive at. Every market outcome is an opportunity to harden our understanding, and fill in any gaps. 

  • The Long Game: Everything we do, we do it for the long term. We want ATX to be a sustainable environment that allows us to work on interesting problems together for a long time. We think ahead about the implications. We are willing to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term ones. Integrity is in all that we do - from good investment dollars to our communications to how we make each other proud even when no one else is looking. The Long Game is a capstone value because it draws together why all our other values matter.





If this resonates with you and would like to learn more, check out our careers page or email us.




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